Our products allow advertisers to build the perfect mix of direct and branded messaging.

Today's media landscape has become cluttered.
MBT Media designs products that perfectly align with digital content. This fluid experience is not only better for the user, but the brand as well, as they can now utilize the traditional method of storytelling online.


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Rate comparison tables

Rate Comparison Tables

If they don't click, you don't pay. There is no better qualified lead than consumers who are in the process of rate shopping. MBT Media's comparison tables are designed to give the consumer an assortment of products to invest their money.

Leveraging the MyBankTracker.com database, every product has over 20 National products to compare. MBT Media's
CPC programs provide a performance-based, cost efficient method of reaching our qualified, in-market consumers. Advertisers enjoy greater control and flexibility over their marketing dollars, which means better campaign performance and higher ROI's.

  • Sponsored

    Guarantee you are always the most prominent product.
    No matter how the user filters the information, your product
    is always locked in the top position for high frequency
    and reach.

  • Featured

    Sold as a flat CPC, featured advertisers are rotated among
    the top paid positions. Through our advance targeting
    we try to present the best products to users depending on how
    they reach the page or what they view within
    the MBT Media network.

Content Targeting, Tandem Ads, & Profile Pages

Capture our audiences attention, and build your brand through explosive display advertising. We accept a number of different standard IAB units.

Increase your Share of Voice within five key channels:

  • Bank Rates
  • Deals (Localized)
  • News
  • Bank Profiles
  • Reviews
Retargeting ads


MBT Media supports campaign strategies through strategic partnerships with key partners to ensure your ad reaches the right target by factoring the audience, content, behavior, "primetime relevancy" and optimized page location for your ad messaging.

To maximize your reach with our target audience, we have created a proprietary retargeting platform that ensures superior brand engagement so that your ads are targeted to an audience who has indicated interests relevant to your brand and or products.

By combining these retargeting features with CPA goal pricing, Our retargeting guarantees the highest levels of advertising performance for your campaigns.

Our Partners

MBT Spotlight

Introducing the first ever display banner tailored specifically for finance brands. As the market becomes cluttered with multiple brands presenting the same message, MBT Spotlight offers a customizable, non-expandable, interactive unit to capture a consumer's attention.


Less Clutter,
Cleaner Experience,
Strong Branding

Eliminate the competition,
while improving the
users experience. MBT
Spotlight allows you
to be the only advertiser
on the page. The 300x1000
unit has a 100% share


Create a Long Lasting Connection

Much like a magazine
ad that captures
the consumer's attention
without breaking the
reading experience, the
MBT Spotlight unit
will leave an impression
before engagement
even begins.


Higher Interaction

The unbroken experience
flows through the page.
With the understanding
that every advertiser
has a unique message
they want to display,
MBT Media designed the
Spotlight unit to be
highly customizable for
strong brand interaction.

Customize your Banner

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