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Creating a Collective Voice

When we first launched back in the summer of 2008, the goal was simple – Help consumers make smarter banking decisions by bringing transparency to the banking world. Almost three years and over half a million readers later this vision still holds true today. This is why we are excited to launch MBT Media creating the opportunity to expand and grow this vision through like minded multiple partners.

Unlike any other market, the personal finance environment now has the ability to guide and direct consumers money management behavior. More so now than ever, consumers are looking for assistance in how they should be thinking about their money. With MBT Media (‘MyBankTracker Media’) we have established the building blocks to create a modern media vertical that is purely focused on tapping into this sophisticated and increasingly engaged audience.

Through technology, innovation and partnerships with some of the most influential one-to-one voices in the space, the team at MBT Media is determined to offer qualified brands new ways of connecting with consumers. MBT Media is a fully transparent vertical that allows both advertisers and our partners the option to identify, select or reject who they work with. For the first time advertisers will be able to reach an audience in a way that allows them to understand the motivations and influences that drive financial decisions.

Over the next days and weeks, we will be introducing you a select group of quality partners that we believe are at the core of what MBT Media represents. We hope you join us in this adventure and together we will create new relationships for both our readers and the brands we rely on everyday.

August 8th, 2011