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MBT Media Sees Great Success in 2011, Pumped for 2012

Here we are, the start of 2012. No better way to kick off the New Year with a quick recap of 2011 and some insights on where all our hard work is going to take us over the next 12 months.

Since launching in May of 2011, we have grown our list of partner properties from two to 7 and we are getting really close to signing up two really big additions this month. We’ll save those details for another post, but let’s continue. While we started as a display focused media network, our ability to generate a click-through rate far above the industry average (0.21%), our premium brands looked to us for other ways to connect with our passionate audience. Fast forward to October and we now have our deposit rate tables living across our partner sites with a cost per click that is both highly competitive and going up, thanks to the help of our 5 percent plus conversion rates.

What started as only a test for two advertisers is now being leveraged by an many as ten. We are happy to add TIAA-CREF and CIT Bank along with many others to list of partners.

So, while MBT Media began as a simple model in 2011, its interesting that we have seen such great success with in a vertical that has been around for years. The industry screams for disruption, but maybe what it needs is just fresh eyes on a already proven model. This is why in 2012 we are looking to expand on this model, while adding a few touches to hopeful evolve the finance lead generation market. As with and our knowingness that reviews will be the next big move in financial products, we will continue to approach the business differently, helping our advertisers, by both expanding our reach and connection to our readers.

Well, we’ll cut this rant here, with a quick Happy New Years. More to come very shortly – Thanks!

January 2nd, 2012